Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a dynamic and challenging form of yoga suitable for all ability levels

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Meditation: The Myths That Hold Us Back From Making Meditation A Regular Habit

Meditation: the myths that hold us back from making meditation a regular habit

We hear a lot about meditation in the media these days, particularly mindfulness. It has…

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Four Reasons Your Wellbeing As A Parent Is So Important To Your Children

Four Reasons Your Wellbeing as a Parent is so Important to your Children

Four Reasons your Wellbeing as a Parent is Absolutely Vital to the Wellbeing of your…

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The Transformational Power Of Personal Yoga Practice

The transformational power of personal yoga practice

My experience with the practice of yoga began many years ago, when I first moved…

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What our clients say

Relax Parents has helped me look at the way my life was and made it better. Taking on board the different aspects of the course made dealing with situations easier... I looked forward to our weekly sessions as it was a time when no matter what had gone on that week I would feel better meeting up with the friends I had made... Thank you Sarah for making this an opportunity and making me a calmer mummy!
Sarah has a gentle way about her that automatically puts each individual at ease. Her experience is working within schools teaching young children, this defiantly shows In the way her sessions are structured with natural flow. Each week we learn about another relax inducing tool to put in our tool box for life, which is carefully explained with gentle precession.
Since the course, I have continued my research with the information Sarah armed me with and I now have a firmer understanding and confidence in the way I choose to parent my children... I can honestly say, I AM a nicer Mummy/partner and feel lucky to have met Sarah and attend her course. Everyone would benefit from Relax Parents and I would happily do it all over again.